About Us

Saxon Yanta


I am originally from the small Northern Ontario town of Cochrane, Ontario. I attended Iroquois Falls Secondary School with my (now) bestie Katie Ronholm. I obtained my Bachelor of Science from the University of Waterloo and in August of 2013, my husband Tyler and I moved to North Bay to be closer to family and what we consider to be “real winter”. I am an avid reader of fiction, a lover of Moksha, Asthanga and Yang/Yin yoga (but by no means an expert in any!) and have developed a passion for healthy cooking.

I started this journey to health because I have ovarian cysts that have become quite problematic in recent years. In an effort feel better, I changed what I ate with the hopes it would bring my body into balance. I cut out gluten which has made a huge personal difference. I no longer feel bloated and uncomfortable all the time. I switched to almond milk and organic meats and eggs and cut out refined sugar. I also gave up my morning coffee addiction and only enjoy a cup every once in a while (maybe twice a month). Cheese is probably my ultimate weakness, so you will see goat’s cheese varieties show up in many of my recipes, but often they can be excluded without compromising the deliciousness of the meal. My journey to feeling better is ongoing, but the results thus far have been enough to make me not want to ever turn back. I eat real food, plain and simple and bursting with flavour, and I hope we can inspire you to do the same!

Katie Ronholm


Like Saxon, I am a northern girl at heart! I’m originally from the small town of Iroquois Falls in Northern Ontario. After a few years of school I now reside and work in Waterloo, Ontario with my amazing man Brandon, little dog Archer, and two cats Jersey and Ronin.

I was always interested in healthy eating, but my definition of what healthy food really is drastically changed after I randomly attended a 1-hour talk by Joy McCarthy, Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Joyoushealth.ca.  She talked about how we are bombarded by thousands of chemicals every single day just through the foods we eat and the products that we put on our skin. She explained the harmful impact that these chemicals have on our bodies over time and the importance of reducing the chemicals that we expose ourselves to. She went on to talk about how the foods we eat can either aid or hinder our bodies with the detox process.

It was around the same time that I decided to watch the film “Hungry for Change”. The movie echoed and reinforced everything that Joy spoke about. It just made sense. From that time on I was converted – I no longer believed the deceptive ad campaigns inflicted upon us by the leading food brands and manufacturers, and instead I started listening to my body and choosing foods and products that are created by mother nature, not manufactured in some lab. Foods that my body recognizes and ultimately thanks me for!

Katie and Saxon

Our Story

Katie and Saxon met and became good friends at Iroquois Falls Secondary School. They followed one another to the University of Waterloo (unintentional, we swear!). After graduating Katie started working at a local hospital and Saxon eventually followed her there too.

It was after New Year’s of 2011 when they decided they needed to a) hang out more and b) try something new, so they attended their first yoga class together, an event that would ultimately change the course of their friendship and their lives. Katie and Saxon began attending yoga 3 times per week and hung out more than all their high school, university and work years combined!

At the beginning of 2013, they separately came to the conclusion to start living healthier lives, then realized that it was yet another thing they could do together. The recipe and tip swapping was well under way when Saxon decided to move to North Bay with her husband to be closer to family. As a way to keep in touch and to keep the healthy lifestyle going, Katie and Saxon started Nuts for Life and the rest, as they say, is history!

We are just a couple of nuts on the journey to health and happiness, and we hope you will join us!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – we eat whole foods, real foods, foods that you can pronounce and that were made by Mother Nature, not in a lab. We limit common food allergens that make us feel yucky (such as cow’s dairy and gluten), chemicals and preservatives that have no place in food (no monosodium glutamate for us!), processed foods (good bye soy products and most packaged goods) and of course refined sugar (sorry grandma, we really did enjoy your cookies)!

Our Recipes

All of the recipes you will find on our site are free of gluten, refined sugar, cow’s milk, and chemicals. Many of them are vegan as well!

They are all bursting with super fresh, super healthy, and super tasty ingredients!

We are working gals with busy lives and we are certainly not interested in slaving over dinner. Most of our featured recipes are practical, simple, and serve great as leftovers the next day.

We have personally tried and loved them all for their health benefits, ease of preparation, minimal prep time and but mostly their yummy yummy taste that makes us go nuts! Onward to our recipes.

Our Tips & Tricks

Who doesn’t love things that make their lives easier? We certainly do! Here we will share tips we have learned along our journey to health and happiness.

From cooking tricks to tips on where to shop for healthy products that are also friendly on your wallet. We’re sure you’ll learn something new that you will be excited to share with your friends.

What are you waiting for? Peruse our tips & tricks!

Our Resources

The transition to a more healthy lifestyle can seem overwhelming, especially considering how many unhealthy options are marketed to us on a daily (hourly) basis.

This section will focus on helpful and healthy resources to help you live your healthy and happy life.

Here you’ll find links to some of our favourite websites to help you choose safe and natural hygiene products, save money buying organic and avoid harmful chemicals and pesticide-laden foods. Check out our growing collection of resources.