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Pass on the salt

Do you often find yourself reaching for the salt to flavour your food? I know it is something I have definitely been guilty of. Luckily, there is an alternate solution! This tip comes from the Thug Kitchen Official Cookbook. If you are a vegan and don’t mind a bit…ok a lot of foul language, then […]

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New Year's

New Year, New You!

Happy Holidays everyone! We at NutsForLife hope you have been enjoying an amazing holiday with your friends and family. With Christmas officially over and the New Year fast upon us, we thought it would be good timing to do a New Year’s Resolution post. I think all of us, either formally or subconsciously, make New […]

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Ginger Root

Peel that Ginger Quickly

Some herbs and spices are okay dried, but others really need to be fresh to taste the full impact of their flavour. This is certainly the case with ginger and I highly recommend doing away with the dried variety. The main annoyance with ginger is how to get it peeled quickly so you can get back […]

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Shopping Cart

Be Proud of your Shopping Cart

We’ve all done it. We stand in line at the grocery checkout counter and we can’t help but judge what those around us are purchasing. Is their food more or less healthy than what I am buying? Should I feel embarrassed or pleased about the food I have picked out? What is the cashier thinking about my […]

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Fresh Garlic

Garlic-y fingers, be gone!

Do you love the taste of fresh garlic but hate the lingering smell it leaves on your fingers? It seems that smell can stay on your hands for days making you want to avoid using the fresh garlic in your cooking, which is really unfortunate as fresh garlic has so many health benefits. But there […]

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