Pass on the salt

Do you often find yourself reaching for the salt to flavour your food? I know it is something I have definitely been guilty of. Luckily, there is an alternate solution!


This tip comes from the Thug Kitchen Official Cookbook. If you are a vegan and don’t mind a bit…ok a lot of foul language, then this is the cookbook for you! Even if you aren’t vegan there are some great recipes and tips and tricks to be found in this cookbook. It is not gluten-free but I am used to figuring out substitutions by this point. I love how real and honest these guys write and I am loving their easy to follow and beautifully colourful cookbook. Not to mention that every recipe I have tried thus far has been stellar. If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend you check it out!

Anyway, the guys at Thug Kitchen have some great suggestions for passing on the salt while still adding flavour to your meal. They suggest adding acid in the form of citrus juice or vinegar to your meal to bring out the flavours of your meal’s ingredients. Start with a teaspoon and then taste test. Below is a list of acid suggestions depending on the type of meal you have made.

Tomato-based dishes: try balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar or lemon juice.

Dishes with fresh herbs like cilantro, dill or parsley: lemon juice, lime juice (always fresh-squeezed!) or red wine vinegar

Dishes flavoured with soy sauce or sesame oil: rice vinegar, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice

Bean-based dishes: apple cider vinegar, sherry vinegar, balsamic vinegar.

So the next time you reach for the salt for your meal, ask yourself if your meal is missing a bit of acid and reach for the vinegar instead!

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